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Women hosting event to celebrate Juneteenth

Not everyone knows what the Juneteenth holiday is. A couple of ladies from Saginaw, they are looking to change that.

“This our way of actually making it known,” Santria Casey said. “Making our voices heard. We are protesting we are saying out loud that ‘black lives matter, black lives matter.’ let’s let them know why our lives matter.”

Casey and Kenyona Tillman are both are organizing a Juneteenth Celebration on Friday at the Transforming Life Church Minstries on Hayden Street in Saginaw.

The event runs from 2 to 6 p.m. and will feature plenty of games and prizes for kids and adults.

But they will also be honoring African American men and women who have lost their lives to what they describe as non-justice.

While there will be plenty discussion of recent events at Friday’s celebration, organizers are hoping that those who attend will also be taking a history lesson home as well.

“They don’t teach it at school, so we got to teach it at home,” Tillman said. “And African American’s have done a lot of great things for this country. So, it is going to be a nice history lesson for the children.”

And they hope that Juneteenth in the future will be celebrated by everybody like other holidays.

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