Sunday, April 18, 2021
You might wonder what is in the ocean ,the  answer is very simple its everything you can think of !!
The idea that the world is 30% Land and 70% ocean has always been intriguing. Human have inhabited earth for thouusands of years. In this current era, we already have Communications across the planet and beyond! we have reached the world’s tallest mountains, the Impossible frosty lands of Antarctica and in space to the moon; we have reached the deepest part of ocean the Mariana trench, still much is left to be explored.
You might wonder what is yet to be discovered??
It can be a THOUGHT..
It can be an EMOTION..
It can be a FEELING..
It can be a NEWS..
It can be an IDEA..!!
For all these, we will make these explorations; the oceans for our self !!
Everyone is welcome to participate as the oceans are made up of droplets of water therefore every News, every Thought, every Feeling, every Idea, every Emotion will add up as droplets to makeup our own Ocean..
We are a news collecting and sharing website , but its just the beginning, because there is lot more to the world than what’s happening, yes the current affairs and news can not be ignored, and are not ignored in this today, but something that needs more focus and importance is the feelings, emotions and unique ideas and thoughts of all of us having different personalities and diverse opinions and thoughts processes, therefore we provide a blogging platform to every individual to share their theories, ideas or personal experiences or emotions without filters or editorial intrusion.. everyone who wants to write and share their uniqueness are welcome here on Word Obsessions; your thoughts, your way!!